What is best in life?


Conan might say “to crush your enemies… and hear the lamentations of their women.”

Giovanni Rucellai, however, would say… “There are two principal things that men do in this world. The first is to procreate, the second is to build.” And isn’t what he built oh so very pretty…


Reflections on Debtors’ Prisons


“Of course, seamen were not the only person imprisoned for debt. In those days, it was the usual way of forcing collection, and service on the galleys had for some time been one way of getting out of debtors’ prison. In fact, so many people avoided paying debts by taking service on a galley and thus acquiring an immunity from arrest that, in 1312, this privilege was limited to those whose debts did not exceed 20 lire (about what a seaman earned in a month or two). … Behind all these outbursts [revolts by seamen] lay the impoverishment and loss of status of a part of the seafaring population, a degradation rooted in the widespread changes in business organization, in the art of war, and in nautical technology” (Lane, Venice: A Maritime Republic, 169).

Not a Saturday Morning After


Pretty proud of myself for applying the “no sex with friends” rule last night when popping my Ottobar cherry. Dancing was fun, but i have this sinking feeling that the rule is going to be broken in the near future. I’m horribly, horribly damaged sometimes. And now i find myself taking relationship advice from a recent divorce. Right…

I’m just going to ask the boy to bring his guitar to the party. Fuck it.

Venus in Transit


watched at the Bloomberg Center yesterday. Spending the day at home, working (?), for the first time in months. Confronted with a state in which nothing is wrong. Missing a relationship that never really was and unsure of how this plays out for the future, but okay nevertheless.

Listening to Holst’s Venus, the Bringer of Peace.

Going to rock this dissertation.

An Advising…


Merula denigrating his master, Filelfo: “But if anyone is in doubt about these, let him go to the Greek exemplars, and let him examine them more carefully than that GAPING WHITE ARSE, who is by far the most stubborn of schoolmasters, more obstinate than combative in his opinions; for he does not know how to fight, nor can he defend himself. He was always a slave to sloth and licentiousness, a preceptor of frivolous learning, MORE OFTEN A GROPER OF HARLOTS THAN OF BOOKS.” (in Meserve, Empires of Islam, pg. 146).