How exciting!


Yesterday was an interesting day for me in our Boccaccio & Chaucer seminar. I learnt the answer to a question that has been plaguing me for quite a while and it opens many, many doors of research that will likely be fruitful. I am excited. The question was “how do negative examples inspire moral action?” (I work on Nero, remember?). Our professor explained how prudential logic work and how it’s context based – now i need to learn all about prudence, but i now know where to look to answer one of the gaping wholes in my paper.

Another very exciting event was meeting, for the first time ever, another student who works on the LATIN works of Boccaccio. Now, she doesn’t work on the same work as me, the De Casibus Virorum Illustrium (and, frankly, it would not be a good thing if she did), but she does work on the Genealogy of the Gentile Gods. She is in comparative literature and i look forward to some interesting discussions in the future as she too seemed to realize that she had found a similar soul.

I finished His Dark Materials and am mourning its passing. I now have no excuse to not do the insane amount of readings (and writing) i need to complete. I am still on the look-out for a part-time job, but worried that there is no time. Luckily, i did a bit of number crunching and realized that i don’t NEED a job if i can live frugally. Perhaps i will take this avenue.

Lastly, my new home is also exciting. Greg and Veronica were darlings for helping me move in. Prof. Cochelin appears to be a really great landlord and her 19-month-old, Emily, is adorable.

Posts will be a tad sporadic over the next couple of weeks until we figure out how to hook me up to the internet network at the new place. Please feel free to drop me an email or, i know this is revolutionary, call and leave a message if i am not there. I’ve never owned a phone at a place all my own before – and though i hate when people call my cellphone (because inevitably if i am out and about, i am busy), i do love talking! LOL.

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