hats make it more fun!


I wore my pin-striped hat out on the town last night and had a great evening despite being a cripple – i think crutches may be my next big fashion investment although neoprene braces are pretty stylish.

Veronica and i, the latter adorned with stunning fake eyelashes that aren’t worn nearly enough, took much time and effort preparing and debating for dinner. We decided to go to EAST on Queen St. near John. The wait wasn’t too long for a table, the decor was nice, the service was timely (except for Veronica’s water refill) and the food scrumptuous. The wonton soup was GREAT. I loved the broth and there were many wontons filled with meatie goodness floating in the bowl. It was an appetizer that could have been shared.

I had unique satay pad thai, which was tasty. To get the “house” version, with 3 shrimp added to the chicken, was an extra dollar. I’m not sure it was worth it. I don’t really consider prawns with their tails on to be chopstick food and earlier in the evening i had cut two fingers open… so the satay pad thai sauce on my bandaids was not fun. I enjoyed the meal very much, but think i would try something else next time.

Veronica ordered a mango tango chicken plate – breaded chicken, mango strips and a sweet sauce with other mixed veggies. It was very tasty and she said that she would like go for that order again.

I ordered a coconut milkshake for dessert (yummy) and we have decided that their dessert menu merits a visit in and of itself.

After that, we had a little time to kill, so we wandered into Chapters to purchase books 2 and 3 of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I controlled by bookbuying tendencies for once – the move is expensive and, well, the books are taking up the vast majority of the van (and Veronica dissuaded me – thanks DOLL!). I WANT, NEED, Can’t live without the book on the revitilization of Sade studies and erotica by Roger Shattuck, my favourite author who writes on Proust, and a collection of the interviews given by Primo Levi that was on sale for all of $6. Sniff! I left them behind.

We met up with Harley, Skrud and their two other teammates from an engineering conference, Eric and Alexei, at Smokeless Joes – a pub on John. The pub is pretty small, but a lot of the crowd filtered out after we had been there about 30 minutes. It’s in the basement, but the decor is nice and pubbie and they have over 250 beers available. There were three i liked! I ordered a Kronenburg (all-time fave and classic), Veronica ordered a Mort Subite – which was EXCELLENT, and there was a German cherry beer that Harley ordered and didn’t like so gave to me. Yummy. Beer with codeine = craziness.

Skrud, Harley and Alexei regaled us (and the rest of the club district) with drinking songs. Very raunchy drinking songs. It was fun. Thanks for taking us out boys!

We missed the last train South bound from Osgoode, but decided it would be more economical to take the last train North to Downsview and then take a cab East to the Diamond Shack – it was. I paid $16 with tip in for a cab home instead of the usual $30-something. I pointed out to Veronica that this is the last time we will be stuck needing an expensive cab home – i think the ride from my new house to the downtown core is about $15 (but it’s also totally walkable on a nice night).

I have TONS of work to do, on top of the packing, and two bad knees, so i am going to get on that. Five posts left before the big move to another domain- i know you are excited.

One thought on “hats make it more fun!

  1. I’ll be happy to regale you with raunchy drinking songs any time đŸ˜‰

    (Coincidentally, I finished The Golden Compass on the bus ride back home, and now I need to find the next two).

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