a new home


I have found a new home and am likely moving in next Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008. It is a very big bachelor apartment (2 1/2) with a brand new gas stove (you can tell this excites me) and a washer all my own. I will be drying stuff on a rack, which i have yet to purchase.
Much of the stuff i need for this move – utensils, pots and pans, etc., is still in the parental homestead, but i am sure that i can make due borrowing from Veronica in the short-term and bringing stuff back in February.
The rent is steep, but in exchange for agreeing to babysit 8 hours a month, it was reduced by $80. If i babysit the 19-month-old more than that, i will find my next month’s rent reduced accordingly. I like kids and the “babysitting” will consist of my listening to a baby monitor while in my own apartment.
The landlord is actually my current social history professor. This seems a tad incestuous, but as she doesn’t feel that it’s a big deal, neither do i. From France, by way of Montreal, she will be excellent practice for my failing French skills. I imagine it will be good for the baby too.
So, i am excited. I am not looking forward to packing up all my stuff and being much poorer, but walking to school in 35 minutes (or 20 minutes by bus) just isn’t beatable. One of the houses on my new street has a huge white elephant out front… i am perplexed.
Though only big question that i have is whether or not i will be able to chip in to their internet account – not that it’s a big deal. I lived without home internet last winter and can do so again (particularly when so close to so many excellent U of T libraries).
Did i mention that there is a brand new gas stove?


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