And it begins anew


The past week has been chock-filled with important events that i have no desire to blog about. They include the beginning of my move to for my 500th post (very very soon folks), my grandmother’s interment, and much time spent with both friends and family.

Mount-Royal funeral services opened the wrong grave on Friday and then the funeral director proceeded to argue with my father that he didn’t know where the plot was. Of course, both my grandparents’ remains are located in my great-great grandfather’s plot (in the old section of the cemetery) and they had taken us to the new section. 3 hours and much upset later, we returned to discover that the funeral director was no longer going to be providing her services. Hence, yours truly ended up saying a few words as her family balled.

I spent yesterday, my last full day in Montreal, shopping with my mother (who kindly paid the bill) and going out to dinner and a movie with the complete household. We saw The Golden Compass which i thoroughly enjoyed and now wish that i had purchased to read instead of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Alas.

Today i am trying to figure out what to carry back from these two weeks at the homestead and what to put in the magic Fed Ex box which will follow me in a couple days time. Christmas loot must be prioritized.

The semester begins again tomorrow… i am both gladdened and saddened by this event. The recent change in my future plans encourages me to complete this master’s degree ASAP and with vim and vigour, yet, i haven’t done nearly enough work over the break and am worried about finding time to do it all while i am still apartment hunting.

I do not foresee frequent posting in the future, at least until said apartment and a job have been procured. Right now i need to devote some time to loving my Booey and sorting through piles of jewellery.


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