Sybil’s Leaves: Sydney, NSW, Australia (Part Nine)


Day 10 – Tuesday, December 18, 2007 – The Never-Ending Day
Location: From Sydney to Toronto on Planes over 32 hours

Had to get up early and run out for ciabatta rolls and apple scrolls to make sandwiches for lunch and eat breakfast.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time. Unfortunately, Ilya had to pay to store his luggage because Air China only opens its counters 3 hours before a flight. It was only 1pm. We ate lunch at a fast food seafood place… and i gave in and ordered a deep-fried Mars Bar. OMG! SO GOOD. Evil Genius in fact. Poutine has finally found an appropriate dessert to follow it. I may try it at home in our deep-fryer – there will be pictures if this happens.

I left Ilya to go through security. Apparently the Australian government’s security screening (which includes x-rays and all that other fun stuff) is not hi-tech enough for United Airlines/U.S. Homeland Security, so i had to go it again before entering my actual gate.

I sat on the plane next to a native of Ottawa who is completing his med schooling at Sydney Uni. The conversation ran the gambit and it was a lovely way to pass thirteen hours. I have been so lucky with the people i have met. I know NEED to try clove cigarettes. LOL.

I arrived in L.A. 6 hours before my flight even left Sydney. As Greg, my seatmate on the Sydney to LAX flight, kept saying “this proves that time doesn’t really exist.” It does. It really does. A big thanks to American Customs for still treating Canadians with the respect we deserve as the U.S.’s largest trading partner and our years of friendship. I was pulled out of the “visitors” line and told to go through as an American citizen returning home.

I tried to catch a nap in the terminal, but the incessant “please don’t leave your bags unattended” over the intercom was problematic. No earplugs are that good.

Our flight left a little late because of snow on the Eastern Seaboard, but we made up 15 minutes of that time during the flight. I was sidelined at customs and my bag was searched (for the third time – i watched them root through it in LAX and had been searched upon entering the gate in Sydney), but as i wasn’t smuggling anything it wasn’t a problem.

Mark and Veronica arrived within minutes of my getting to the door of the airport and i have now slept 14 hours in my own bed and am looking forward to eating lasagna and having drinks with Veronica this evening.

This has been one of the best weeks of my life.


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