Sybil’s Leaves: Sydney, NSW, Australia (Part Eight)


Day 9 – Monday, December 17th, 2007 – Happy Meals as Happy Endings
Location: Darling Harbour, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

There were still a few of the best souvenirs to purchase as of this morning, so a trip to the local grocery store to pick up British and Australia candies and chocolates was first on the list. I am going to have trouble parting with these purchases – but i did pick up a bottle of lime cordial syrup for myself in the hopes of being able to make some lime milkshakes.

We rushed out of the flat to meet Ilya’s co-workers at Milk +2, a restaurant in Darling Harbour. We were regaled with the conversation of people in the publishing industry and i was stuffed on a lamb and zucchini pizza. I love lamb… We mocked Ilya for liking Aqua and Hanson. I kid you not, but Aqua and Hanson have come up at least five times in the past week of events. Thursday afternoon MMbop was supposed to be a cure for my hangover.

We had thought we would head to the Museum of Sydney after lunch, but it was later than originally expected, so we headed to the Chinese Garden in Darling Harbour instead. Our dinner plans with Natasha, Ilyusha’s ex-girlfriend yet still paramour, fell through and we COULD have gone, but the Chinese garden was a very pleasant and relaxing way to spend our last afternoon in Sydney. There were fishes, duckes and birds. There was foliage. There was a little sunbathing. There was also some clandestine photo-taking of Heather on the part of Ilya.

We came back to the flat to choose a suitable dinner plan replacement (stopping for some wine on the way). We decided to go BACK to Darling Harbour to a highly recommended (Go Rough Guide to Australia) Malaysian restaurant called Chinta Ria on the Cockle Bay Wharf. The prices were reasonable, the portions generous and the quality SUPERB. The ambience was a nifty mix of buddhist icons and fifties furniture. The background music seemed really nice too, but it was quite a moving and grooving place, so there was too much buzz in the room to really catch it.

After dinner we headed off to United Cellars, where Ilya used to work, to get some more wine for his family. I met his old employers and got to introduce some Frenchman to Quebecois French. It was an enlightening experience for them i am sure.

A summer storm rolled in as we were getting on a bus back to Glebe.

Still on the plate for this evening – making sandwiches for tomorrow, defrosting the fridge and sleeping.
Tomorrow morning – packing.

I WILL go to Le Petit Tarte and yell at them for having a grammatically incorrect name before the end of the trip, i swear. LOL. It’s LA PETITE TARTE – bunch of unilingual dweebs.

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