Sybil’s Leaves: Sydney, NSW, Australia (Part Two)


Day Two (Late Afternoon to Evening) – December 10, 2007 – City-Walking, Higher Education and Lamb
Location: Glebe & Newtown

After a short nap, i headed out to the shopping mall (Broadway Centre) in order to purchase TimTam cookies, jam, fruit and granola bars. I was flabberghasted by the cost of produce here. It’s SO expensive. Only cherries and nectarines were even reasonable and considering it is summer and all grown in the country, i am perplexed. The cherries are good though. I am not THRILLED with the texture of TimTams, but i am open to trying other varieties than ‘original.’

I had intended to stop at the landmark Glebe books on the way back. I only got to their new books location. I was exhausted. I cancelled plans for tea at a cafe and second-hand book perusing and headed straight back to Ilya’s flat in order to drink some tea and do some research as to things we can and should do during the evenings. I also decided on taking a trip to the Blue Mountains on Wednesday. I leave at 8:35am. I think i am back by 5, but not sure.

I went to meet Ilya, but he got off work early and snuck up on me at Wentworth Park. We took some pictures in front of the football (rugby) field. We then went trapsing through Upper Glebe to BiCentennial Park and looked at the yachts in the harbour and the shellfish on the embankments. We walked through the residential areas again, looking at flora and fauna, and came back to the flat to a bit of a chat with Kylee, the flatmate.

Out we headed (me in new footwear) to tour the campus of the University of Sydney. It is very pretty. We chatted quite a bit… ended up in Newtown, read lots of menus, and decided upon a Bahsa on King St. in order to quell the hunger building in my stomach. I ordered slivered lamb on Turkish bread with eggplant, humus and tomatoe – proving that i am my mother’s daughter. Lamb is VERY inexpensive here. Beef is more expensive actually and i prefer lamb. Prawns are also a must-have apparently. I am sure i will get around to it. Ilyusha had a seafood penne in a alfredo-basil sauce that also looked fantastic. It was BYO, so Ilya darted across the street to bring back from the wine store some of the nicest wine i have ever had. I was given a lesson on how to distinguish good wine from cheaply made wine after gushing that for the first time ever i could actually taste those fruity undertones everyone is talking about. Ilyusha just finished a couple month stint working for a winery, so we are going to have fun trying many different types of the course of the week. It was a cab/merlot/shiraz blend by Wynns Connawara Estates. It was glorious. Also glorious, was the lime milkshake i had for dessert. I love milkshakes. I love limes. Why had i never thought of combining the two before? Yum. And a very attractive shade of mint green.

After dinner we sort of wandered around aimlessly, looping in and out of the Sydney Uni campus, walking in the middle of the streets. It is dead here on a Monday night after 10pm.

The Glebe suburb looks very much like San Juan, Puerto Rico, which i found rather surprising. It’s very pretty though.

I fell asleep sitting in the chair before Ilya even got the trundle bed out. He forced me to go wash-up, get into my nightshirt and get into the proper bed though. I woke up before sunrise (jet-lag) and laid in bed, dozing i imagine, listening to the birds sing songs i have never heard before. I am on the look-out for parrots across the street.

Ilya talks in his sleep. This makes me feel better about snoring.

This morning we have had tea and Ilyusha ran off to work until 3:30, but not before we came up with a tentative itinerary.


2 thoughts on “Sybil’s Leaves: Sydney, NSW, Australia (Part Two)

  1. “Ilya talks in his sleep.”

    Now, that doesn’t surprise me at all, I have trouble picturing Ilya not talking 🙂

    Have fun in Australia and enjoy the wines. I wish I was drinking wine just now instead of struggling with my Candidacy Paper 😦

  2. Nice!
    Your description of that meal and wine just made me really hungry.

    I am really enjoying reading about this trip of yours. Australia will now be added to my list of places to visit.

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