Late papers, emergency rooms and last-minute packing


In reverse order (of course):

I must be at the airport for 3pm. It is currently 9:30am and i have not packed yet.

I spent Thursday night in the emergency room. I tore a muscle in my chest wall. This hurts. The doctor and the x-ray technician were both sweethearts. Mark is a saint for volunteering to drive me to the hospital without being asked and coming to get us (Veronica stayed with me… ode to Veronica inserted here) at 4am. Hence, i am still one paper to complete before even thinking about packing.

On Tuesday, i submitted my first paper late (ever) and was told i would be penalized. I thought it was a true piece of crap (on cultural theory). I got a 90. Go me. So i spent yesterday finishing Wicked (which is a great read, i’m just not so sure about the whole premise of rewriting a classic from another perspective) instead of writing the aforementioned paper.

I need to get to work.

One thought on “Late papers, emergency rooms and last-minute packing

  1. Oh no!! I hope you are doing better now…
    I never handed in a paper late until grad school… and then by the time I got to my PhD I was handing in papers very late. Anyways, good luck with the essay and packing and congrats on the 90!

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