Children’s Lit: Yet another way to avoid schoolwork


Ah. Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit, Curious George, Doctor Seuss, the Berenstein Bears, Clifford, Olivia, the Babysitters’ Club, The Borrowers, Watership Down – how i love thee.

Veronica and i share a childish passion for literature aimed at people supposedly less intellectually developed than us. Ha. Yesterday hours, and yes i mean hours, were spent wandering around the children’s section of the local Chapters. We are amassing collections of the classics (sadly, only two books of the “classics” section have not been read by me: Anne of Green Gables and A Wrinkle in Time. Veronica owns both) in consumer-frenzy and procrastination.

I bought and read Le Petit Prince last week. i had never read it before, if you can believe it. It was glorious. It was quaint. It was moralizing. It was sweet. It was pedantic and at times predictable. I couldn’t decide what it was about… ok, i am relatively sure that the flower is supposed to be a stand in for womankind, and that would be highly chauvinist, but i don’t give a damn. I love stories with pictures. I also love woodcuts (and, hence, Gustave Dore).

A Wrinkle in Time is my new “fallin’ asleep book.”

Are there any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Children’s Lit: Yet another way to avoid schoolwork

  1. It’s not children’s lit, but I reread Kitchen regularly. That book _always_ makes me feel warm and happy and I can easily fall asleep to it. (I’ve had A Wrinkle In Time on my bookshelf since I was 11 years old, and I’ve never read it. I really should pick it up…)

  2. I’m kind of partial to Gulliver’s Travels. Of course, I grew up watching the Back To the Future trilogy.
    Rousseau suggests Emile’s first book should be Robinson Crusoe, because it would teach him to make the best of his world, to become self-sufficient, and to value nature, not society.

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