Roses make you the centre of attention


I picked up a dozen yellow long-stemmed roses as a belated 50th birthday present for my aunt before getting on the train to Ottawa. Walking through the Eaton Centre, onto the subway and sitting waiting for the gynormous line of people to board the train from Toronto to Ottawa with stops at Kingston, Smiths Falls, etc., i realized that a bouquet of flowers, like a baby and pets, suspends the usually followed rules of NO STARING AT STRANGERS.

The train ride was both long and horrific. Seated just out of my line of sight was a 30-something overweight blonde woman who felt the need to monologue about every aspect of her life to her two companions, with baby. The baby was less irritating. I started counting, and the word FACEBOOK came up in conversation no less than seven times in four hours and 14 minutes. Perchance the lady thinks that her allegiance to facebook maketh her cool? Facebook has gotten out of control. This woman needs a blog to inflict her rambling on only those people who choose to read/listen. I could not have been happier about getting off that train.

In the continuation of a good food week, the auntie and i went to Kelsey’s for salads. The auntie is on a designer diet and has lost 16lbs. The list of foods she is permitted is only 2 pages long. I shudder at the thought of not eating diary products for a full four months.

With eggs in my belly and a copy of Thomas L. Laqueur’s Solitary Sex (excellent!) under my arm, i head out to a panel at the Darfour Conference being held at the University of Ottawa this morning.

I have a work-able novel plan… more news on that later as i continue to brainstorm about the details. You will be happy to know that it has both beginning AND end. I also bought webspace Thursday evening – gearing up towards my 500th post and all.


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