Because you needed a pedestrian post


The past week has not been particularly eventful except for one BIG development: The purchase of my round-trip ticket to Sydney in order to spend 9 days with Ilya, a friend from the LAC, before Christmas. I leave on Saturday Dec. 8th at 6pm and arrive in Sydney on Monday the 10th. I am looking forward to naming the first koala i encounter Murphy. I arrive back in Toronto on Dec. 18th very late at night… i will take a cab alone for the first time in my life. How bad can it be after flying alone for the first time too?

The unseasonably warm weather has been encouraging my plans to get into better shape. I have been going to the gym regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) and have now added reps to most of the exercises my trainer set up for me. Speaking of my trainer, he won (!) the Toronto marathon last week. I know that i am in good hands. LOL. I am going to yoga this evening just for a change of pace.

Thursday night was bi-weekly pub night with the other history graduate students. We had some interesting conversations and it was nice to get out of the house. I stupidly brought an assigned reading for my class the next morning (on the French Revolution) and it very much directed the conversation for the better part of the evening. Oh well. There were some great discussions on Freud and i love Freud. the book in question is Hunt’s The Family Romance of the French Revolution – it’s interesting.

More interesting was the accostement by a VERY drunk guy on the subway on the way to the event. The dirty language he sent in my direction by far surpassed any dirty-talking i have ever heard before… it was difficult not to blush as i was ALSO reading about the Marquis de Sade’s literature. Lovely. may i never hear such foul language again.

Friday afternoon i attended a lecture given by Professor Bruce Venarde of University of Pittsburgh on ““Sexuality” and Salvation in France around 1100: In the Tracks of John Boswell.” The blurb about the talk was as such: “This lecture considers sex and sexuality in the lives and writings of three clerics – Robert of Arbrissel, Marbode of Rennes, and Baudri of Dol – in light of John Boswell’s pioneering Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality.” In a nutshell, it was about a co-ed monastery and the rationale and criticism of this movement. It was very entertaining. He is a great lecturer – tuned into his audience, with appropriate aside jokes. I was able to completely follow the discussion, which i must say made me feel good about myself also.

The week-end itself was relatively uneventful. Veronica and i watched Pulp Fiction with Cammy, our other roommate, and went to play on the swings in the park. Yeah for unseasonably warm weather yet again! I haven’t made anything very interesting this past week but a Scottish apple pie and some whole-wheat maple syrup muffins. I brought the latter to class of Friday in the hopes of making more friends… bribery. Or… you don’t make friends with salad.

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