8 on 8


I kind of promised not to do any of these kind of posts anymore, but it’s actually fitting for once.

Last night i had a bit of an emotional crisis inspired by MSN. MSN is being uninstalled from my computer. I just need to get up the nerve.

Luckily, Veronica, as usual, was a life-saver and let me both snuggle and took me to the park to swing. I talked it out. I did my best to talk about other things too. I only broke down into tears twice (once alone). I’m good. I’m breathing. I’m stone-cold sober. I’m cooking 🙂

It’s kind of horrible when the part of your personality that you find the MOST obnoxious – the show-boaty, drama queen, yarn-spinning part – pops up at the moments when you already are pretty down about yourself for being down in the first place. Nothing like a little self-loathing to help one get through the day.

The work is piling up. I am not really giving it my all. Part of that is the frat-like state of my current abode, part the time of year it is. Hopefully at some point in the very near future i will remember that i love school, reading and translating. Until then, i will continue to go through the motions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am thankful for having the same best friend now that i had through the formative years of my life and that she is willing to put up with the same whining when i feel alone.
I am thankful for a working oven in my new house. Yeah for shortbread!
I am thankful for Bryan and Lina and their sharing of the recipes that help me to appreciate the working oven.
I am thankful for Lola, the friendly sommeliere at the LCBO, who suggested the wine that will accompany this evening’s lamb stew.
I am thankful for a Mom, Dad and infamous Aunt who love me very much.
I am thankful that i can drag my butt to the gym three times a week in an effort to help myself feel better.
I am thankful for all my male friends who let me flirt with them – particularly Zach for letting me molest him.
I am thankful for aspartame and caffeine.
I am thankful for bubble baths.
I am thankful to have made it through this past year and a half.
I am thankful for having gotten over the pretentiousness of blogging and that i can reach out and touch the past with a click of my touchpad.

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