Things that are nice about Toronto


the list is not that long yet, but i am working on it.

1. Used bookstores – lots of them and of a high quality.
2. Subway art – i may, in fact, be one of ten people who takes the time to appreciate the different artistic installations peppered throughout the subway system, but i am particularly fond of the mosaics. They remind me of NYC.
3. Proximity of the YMCA and Loblaws to my current residence. I may live in upper-rubber boot again, but at least this upper-rubber boot comes replete with access to quality yoga classes, cross-trainers and baking supplies.

That’s it for now. Next week i plan to continue my general explorations (which thus far have been structured along a “walk everywhere. Avoid using the same way twice whenever possible” method) by printing out a copy of all the U of T library locations and visiting them one by one – i will bring a camera.

I write this at the very pleasant completion of ANOTHER birthday. I cannot sleep – apparently my 4-5am work schedule has returned. Unfortunately, one of my roommates has decided to come home in the last five minutes and has disturbed my much appreciated peace and quiet. Veronica and i went out for Japanese in the Bayview mall. We need not return to the restaurant which was fine, but not fantastic. I spilled miso soup all over the table. We returned home to tea, chocolate cupcakes and fresh, homemade chocolate buttercream icing and present unwrapping. Baking ones own birthday cake ensures satisfaction 🙂


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