Week-end Roundup


There is still no door on my bedroom, but there is a door to be installed in our laundry room. There is also hope that when i get home from yoga today said door will be attached to the doorjam off the kitchen. I am hopeful.

Last Thursday was orientation for all incoming students. I was very pleased that when i turned the corner into the common room Evan and Richard, whom i know from my BA (and were Master’s students at Concordia) were chatting and waved to me. Nothing like a friendly face!

The orientation itself was pretty ho-hum. Instilled the fear of God in me re: graduate and funding applications and the upcoming MA Latin exam. I don’t get the results of my placement test until late Wednesday, so i have a light week schoolwise – only two days of classes.

After orientation was very nice. We headed over to the Bedford Academy and sat around drinking a couple of pints in the late afternoon sun. It was very pleasant to be surrounded by people that are equally passionate about the past, and books and ideas – much like the atmosphere at the LAC. David, Emily and I ended up heading out from the group at around 8pm for Vietnamese on Yonge at this place called Ginger which i was told was good, cheap Toronto food – meh. It was cheap. It was edible. The pineapple smoothie was VERY good.

Friday i ended up sleeping. The task of writing up all the applications and their requirements was just too daunting to undertake in my first week here. I have since compiled a complete list of North American schools and am going to do my best to complete the British ones (it’s a nightmare!) by the end of the day today. I made jumbalaya for Veronica and I and we watched Declin de L’Empire Americain which i had rented earlier in the week. It was … ummm… shocking.

Saturday Veronica and i went to the gym in the morning and then headed over (via public transit) to Walmart to pick up essential supplies like pots and pans. We then proceeded to make a dinner of potato latkas and corn while preparing lime-in-the-coconut jello shots for the people that our roommates were having over that evening.

Saturday evening ended up with Veronica, Mark, John (one of my other roommates) and i playing football and golf in the large park across the street. It was very fun – but made for an exhausting day all in all.

Sunday i made breakfast for the army of people camped out in my living room: eggs, more potato latkas, Greek potatoes and bacon. There was also some work doing and reservations made for dinner on Wednesday. We went to see Shoot ‘Em Up last night and it was amusing. Lots of blood, gore and gratuitous violence. It was completely unbelievable, but funny. John kindly paid for Veronica and i as we had been providing meals all week-end – italian meatballs, corn and broccoli-cheddar pasta was dinner last night.

We get the NFL channel – this is not a good sign. Guess what i will be watching this evening most likely?

Verdict on Toronto thus far: Food is meh, but i am enjoying the peeps.

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