Food is soothing


So… i think this week-end’s mishaps have come to an end. The final bit of trouble was putting the bed together… it took Veronica and i over three hours. We are apparently incompetent at reading instructions. Of course, all the ranting and raving has apparently managed to hurt the feelings of most of my family. Lovely. Lesson learned: Picking up the phone when already almost in tears is a bad idea no matter how much you think talking to the person might make you feel better. hurting their feelings with your doom and gloom will only make you feel worse.

I spent today cooking though, which made me feel a lot better, and Veronica and i went to the gym.

I haven’t felt so… ineffectual… in quite a while.I have been out-of-sorts since Friday night when i was on the phone with the Brick, but i think i am calmer now. Or at least i hope. Otherwise i think that i am going to have a heart attack.

I am hoping to have an opportunity to call Rogers and get my cellphone number changed to a 416 number tomorrow or Wednesday. I should also be reviewing my latin for the placement test on Wednesday. However, untilthen, i am going to enjoy the meal that i have put together: pecan pesto, homemade humus and pistachio pudding.


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