Toronto – 2, Heather – 0


Yesterday was not much better. I found out that there is a problem with the phone line in the basement, but the basement tenants do not talk to us, so i could not let the Bell guy in. He stank and called me a liar saying that WE had a rogers phone even when i told him we do not. It is difficult not to be reduced to tears when you can’t even CALL the friends you are pining for. Sniff.

We got to Ikea to pick out a replacement bed and they were out of stock. Hence, i am supposed to show up there at 10 this morning when they open and hopefully the shipment they received last night will be on the shelves. Otherwise, i am going to be a very unhappy camper.

So, thus far, other than the flowers, nothing has gone right. If i don’t have a bed by the end of the day today, it will be official that Toronto had me beat within 72 hours of my arrival.

Veronica really didn’t like the colour paint that i had chosen (it’s called wheatfield and a beige very far on the yellow index), but when i moved in all the wood furniture and showed her my rug she came around saying that it looks really good against the other earthy colours i had moved into the room. I am pleased about that. Knowing someone thinks you have poor taste is never pleasant – not that it mattered THAT much because I like the colour and i’m the one living in this room.

We are supposed to be enrolling in the gym by Wednesday – i might ask Veronica to go with me today actually because i believe that she was scheduled to work Wednesday night. I have never been a member of a classy gym like a YMCA before. I hope i do not feel out-of-place. I am thinking that a good yoga class might make me feel a bit better though. Work out some kinks. Take my mind of things as i focus on the stretching in my limbs.

It is Mom’s birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately, i do not have a card and seeing how i got her a present in July (William Shatner tickets were TOO perfect to pass up), i feel like i should. Do you think that the move will absolve me of any blame?


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