welcome to toronto (population 2.4 million)


So, i am here. Let the bells ring out and the banners cry.

The first day had many not-so-great signs for the future:

Veronica forgot to leave me a key (but she got off work early and ran back here to let me in).

The Brick lost my bed delivery (so i ended up crying in a heap on the floor, sobbing that i only wanted to go home… fuck the Brick. Do not EVER shop there. I spent over an hour and a half on hold in all and ended up having to cancel my order because there was absolutely no way that they could get me a bed before Tuesday – and they tried to blame it on me.)

One can see under the newly-constructed wall in my room into the living room. (Silicone and quarter-round will likely fix this).

However, there were some nice things. For starters, seeing Veronica was pleasant. I missed not her when we did not live in the same town (though we have already had a disagreement about my general attitude towards people, which can be outlined in a later post).

Also, Eric had flowers, in a really nice vase, delivered to the house to welcome me. *SMILES.

This morning has been a frenzy of activity. Yesterday we did two coats of primer/sealer and one coat of colour. This morning i did another coat of colour, took of the tape, washed the floor in my bedroom, the hall and the bathroom. Washed the bathroom. Reorganized the back porch and washed THAT floor, moved some furniture and did a load of laundry. I have also come up with three lists: IKEA (we need to go get my bed as soon as the parents arrive), grocery store and Pharmaprix.

I may have recovered productivity. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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