Politically incorrect joke warning:


While perusing the headlines on the Jerusalem Post for work (it’s my last day! whoot!), i encountered an ad with the following text: “What’s the Jewish answer to Jews for Jesus?”

My response: “Umm… we told Pilate what we thought the first time…”

It must be Thursday. No wait. It isn’t. No excuse.

I think this may be the first remotely funny joke i have made all summer. At least there was one.


3 thoughts on “Politically incorrect joke warning:

  1. “I understand Jesus, but do not look upon him as a supernatural being; that is beyond my comprehension, and I cannot think him divine by closing my eyes; that were unworthy of my intelligence. But I can better understand Jesus than I can understand a God, absolute master and judge of all things.”

    Why I Am A Jew
    Edmund Fleg

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