I have fans?!


okay.. a fan. Her name is Olga and she participates in a book club with our research director here at the Institute. A copy of my review on Heather Pringle’s Master Plan was forwarded to her and she took the trouble to call me up and thank me for writing such a nice piece. Apparently, when she chose it for the book club many of the members were upset with her. She intends on passing my review around to validate her choice among all those who abstained from reading it.

More importantly, a complete stranger called me up at work today and said they liked my work. Wow.

I am leaving Montreal in less than three days. This past week-end was spent crossing items off the list of things that any good Montrealer SHOULD have done years ago: Go to the Casino (but only spend $8 betting) with a boy and play the horsey races; Watch a series of short films at the Foreign Film Festival (meh… they were from a competition dealing with immigration issues and though i have compassion for the problem of integration, stereotypes are a problem everyone faces, not just immigrants. Some were great though… it was just a little too much for one sitting); Gorge on chocolate at Juliette and Chocolat.

I am far from packed, but not so far it will not be done before i leave my home with everything in boxes waiting for the van to arrive.

This has been one of the best summers ever – thanks to great people like my aunt, Eric, Zach, Isabelle, Tim, Bryan and Lisa, Derek, Veronica, Julia and the sunny, warm weather. Why must it end so melodramatically?


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