Make him bleed…


I intercepted a text message from “Christina” last night at dinner – a 17-year-old he has never met face-to-face but has been chatting with online over the past two months. In said message, she wrote “I miss you, my love.” [my translation]

I burst out laughing.

Ironically, we had just been talking about how he is “supposedly” unable to talk to women.

I was trying so hard not to be catty.

He admitted that it was a weird that she was so “involved” when they are going to meet for the first time tomorrow. (I asked if she was handicapped…LOL).

However, his logic was that “it’s nice to be told you’re loved sometimes.” [my translation]

I couldn’t resist:

“If she knew what love was, she wouldn’t say it so easily.” [my translation]

Nothing like a good cry.


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