An evening of poor viewing


Spent yesterday evening with Zach and Eric. There was good food. We picked up EXCELLENT sushi at this place on Queen Mary by Snowdon Metro called Queen – i suggest you try their specialty roles. I had made guacamole the evening before and it was consumable.

There was not good entertainment to accompany. We watched The Illusionist – the movie i liked the least of everything i have ever seen with Edward Norton. A red lens when shooting does not constitute art. A long, drawn-out plot does not constitute suspense. A twist that everyone saw coming a mile away does not constitute a good ending. Skip it.

We also caught part of CNN’s God’s Warriors. The segment was the first of three: on the Jews/Israelis. I was flabbergasted. Though much of the facts were correct, i have never seen anything warped to appear so sinister for no apparent reason. I am interested in the backlash from the segment and the two others two follow in Islam and Christianity. I will not be watching however. I couldn’t take the sound bites just to begin with.

In an attempt to get excited about the move – i only have one more week to spend in beautiful, downtown Montreal – i subscribed to the New Yorker and the Toronto Star at my new abode. I love mail.


4 thoughts on “An evening of poor viewing

  1. Back when it came out a bunch of people were raving about both it and The Prestige. Neither of the movies I found particularly good. If you didn’t like The Illusionist you probably won’t like The Prestige. It’s practically the same thing.

    The novelty of mail wore off really quickly for me. Mail is usually bills so I don’t like mail.

  2. Mail is awesome, as long as it’s not bills. Getting things in the mail is special though. Thanks again for those postcards.

  3. The Illusionist isn’t all bad. Phillip Glass’ score is excellent. His ability to make me laugh with a turn of music, especially when justaposed with the inability of the characters’ actions to produce that effect, is commendable.

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