Boating, baking and being-a-bum


Our time at the National Gallery was edifying to say the least. I fell in love with one particular Renoir (Seine at Chatou) which i also bought a poster of for my new abode.

I don’t understand why boat rides are so enjoyable. Sitting around with the wind in your hair is more interesting when on a boat than in a car… why?

This evening the big plan is going to be baking strawberry-banana muffins and making a salad for lunch tomorrow. Exciting, i know – but it will be if the recipes turn out well. The muffin recipe is from the cookbook i bought in NY – i am optimistic. Eric and i tried making
oreo brownies from it two week-ends ago, but i added more marshmallows and they came out too gooey – that will teach me.

In case you were wondering, i did not pack anything last Thursday. Rather, i lay in bed watching Wonderfalls. I am good at summer lounging. It may be the only thing i am good at.


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