Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple Part Two


Friday July 13th, 2007

This morning when we got up we ate at a restaurant that was NOT written up in Let’s Go – New York. I know you are shocked. The Venus Restaurant (on 8th avenue heading towards the 23rd street subway station) was a nice meal. We chose the place because there were casts of marble friezes on the walls. The omelettes were packed with veggie goodness: feta, avocado, spinach, yum, but the potatoes were bleck. Not worth the extra space in our stomachs that could be filled later with scrumptiousness.

So, after fuelling we hopped on the subway and ended up at the Northeast corner of Central Park where we proceeded to wander around aimlessly (to my great consternation as i was sure we would not be able to follow the schedule – my fears were well-founded you will see) through the North Woods, perhaps the least frequented area of this massive green space. We encountered a middle aged woman who was walking her dog not a on a leash. The black lab had decided to jump into a waterfall and was busy trying to haul out a log three times her size. She was very amusing and quite obviously enjoying herself. Her master was a little flabbergasted at this show of youthful energy, but also amused. We sat watching the “pup” for a while and took pictures in front of the falls.

We then spent about an hour and a half wandering around on the jogging and walking paths (checking out cuties and commenting on different body types as Zach and i are rather vain and shallow) in an effort to come out of the park at the South East corner and then make it to the MoMa before 3pm 2pm. In order to follow our schedule, at 81st we had to leave the actual park and walk along Fifth as fast as we could considering the state of my very blistered feet.

We arrived at MoMa with about ten minutes to spare and throw ourselves very ungracefully upon the couches in the lobby. We discovered that it was at 5pm4pm, not 4pm5pm, that the MoMa starts letting people in free. Of course, we were too exhausted to walk anywhere with this extra time. After much mulling, we decided to go get a fruit smoothie ($3!!! So Good! So Healthy!) from a stand across the street and then call a cab to head over to the Buttercup Bakeshop (sister to the famous Magnolia Bakeshop in the Village) in the Upper East Side.

The Buttercup Bakeshop is a must-visit if you are in NY. It feels, for me anyways, the way Tiffany’s feels for Holly GoLightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Everything is perfect. The cupcakes are divine. DIVINE. You can watch the baker making the little treasures through a window. I tried Buttercream with Vanilla frosting Red Velvet and German Chocolate. They were so good i bought the very expensive cookbook. I have yet to try it out, but am looking forward to it nonetheless.

We got back in the cab and wandered around the MoMa for a while. Highlights were, as ever, the Jackson Pollock’s. My feet were stil sore, so i spent a considerable amount of time watching the different people’s reactions as they turned the corner and came face-to-face with both the Demoiselles d’Avignon or the Waterlilies by Monet. We had a lot of fun complaining about the seven different white paintings on the wall and evewn enjoyed the black painting just because it was different!

After the MoMA, we walked to Abercombie and Fitch where Zach spent what seemed like forever (not because he was dawdling, but because that is the STUPIDEST STORE EVER) shopping in a poorly-lit, over-crowded store with music blasting at CLUB levels. I like the clothes at A&F – but would never pay that money nor spend another hour there if i can help it.

We got on the Subway and headed over to Comic Strip Live to watch our prepaid comedy show. According to Zach, the first comic was exactly like me, which i can’t decide is a compliment (because it would mean that i’m funny and lord knows that wouldbe the first time anyone has ever accused me of that) or an insult because she was so acidic. There were four comics in all and the first and last were best. We were a little tipsy from our mandatory two drinks and wandered over for some sushi across the street.

Sushi was good. Our glasses had interesting sayings on them: I could murder a pickled egg.

We headed back to the hotel and were in bed, our second night, by 1am.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple Part Two

  1. mmmm memory really is unreliable. We thought the time the MoMA would let us in at 3, but it was actually 4. Furthermore I had the vanilla frosting one. You had the one with the red cake, and the German one. Let that be a lesson to you!

  2. they both had the same list of sayings on them… there is a picture on the facebook album, but it was the pickled egg one that stayed with me.

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