Greeting from the land of the dead


languages, that is.

Class with no grades is an odd experience. I do not believe i have ever gone through it before. There is much to be desired from the experience, but i am keeping up and learning. It was definitely worth the very inexpensive fee of $100 and i am thinking of becoming a member of the Quebec Humanities Society (or whatever its English equivalent would be properly translated). Did i mention that the course is predominantly in French?

I learnt some awesome etymologies to share:

snob: from sine nobilitatis which means “without nobility.” Hence, only a pretentious person is a snob, it has nothing to do with thinking you are better than someone else.

oriental: also means East. From the word “rising” because the sun rises in the East.

Occidental: also means West. From the verb Occidere which means to hide because the sun sets in the West.

Now you know why i take this class. Because i am amused by word games.


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