Missing: Reward


Lost: One copy of The Fates of Illustrious Men by Giovanni Boccaccio, edited, translated and abridged by Louis Brewer Hall. This work is a very rare used-book find which has caused me to tear my room apart, dump years’ of work on the floor in despair and move much furniture. If i have lent you this book (either purposefully or in error), PLEASE contact me as i need it to complete my thesis and replacing it will cost me a small fortune.
Your reward: My undying devotion accompanied with an ice cream from the parlour of your choice.

Accompanying prayer: Dear God, i know i don’t believe in you, but please don’t let this be like the opal ring which disappeared behind my dresser before my very eyes over five years ago and still hasn’t re-materialized despite numerous attempts to uncover its hiding spot and extensive renovation.


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