Opening Evening of the Jazz Fest


Went out to the opening events of the Montreal Jazz Festival last night after bringing Zach to a sample sale at Fly and eating onion rings at Moe’s. Good times. Zach had to leave us to visit his therapist – so Eric and i walked all the way to St. Laurent from Atwater to meet Isabelle before heading over to the guitar “tent.” When they said tent – they weren’t kidding. There was no room, so we relocated.
At another stage the Budos Brothers were playing. Watching them sway in synch and pretending to be the “stick-hitter” was a lot of fun. I could barely hear the guy on the bongos, but overall, they were quite enjoyable. I love the sound of a baritone saxophone. It’s just sexy.
We moved to the Blues stage – which was sadly generic – and spent more time watching drunken white-trash dance in front of the stage than anything else. We also met up with another LAC alumnus, Chris Neale, and had a bit of a chat. It was a very pleasant evening.


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