Stop procrastinating…


I’ve got a lot of “drafts” for posts on the go, but since i am SUPPOSED to be working on the final draft of my thesis, i am finding it difficult to sit down and work on them. The good news is that i absolutely must have it ready to hand in for next Tuesday – and then hopefully i’ll get my ass in gear for more serious blogging. There really are four ‘quality’ posts in the works. You’ll just have to hold your breathe until then avid readers.

What have i been up to? I’m reading a book on Himmler for a Book Review to be published by the Institute. I’m also trying to organize the immense pile of papers i accumulated over the last two semesters. I bought a bike last week-end – it needs some work and that’s a week-end plan. I have also watched all of Heroes – Season 1. The constant “last time on Heroes” was irritating and i think the season could have been cut down to 20 episodes, but it was a good experience. Nice summer watching. I won’t be adding it to my fall line-up however.

One thought on “Stop procrastinating…

  1. Working on high quality posts will kill my blogging. Sure, they get posted eventually, but I gotta just stop in and say, Blog-blog BLOG blogblog. Otherwise the latest post just ages away, getting all wrinkly and dusty and creaky with arthritis.

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