How far would you go to look good?


Monday evening i was confronted with a sight that it has taken me another three days to come to terms with. As i stepped out of the shower at the gym, lo and behold, a young, very slim (and obviously toned) Asian girl was busy saran-wrapping her entire body. She began with her stomach, then wrapped the calves of each leg, and then her thighs. She applied water first in order to make it adhere. All of this was over her lingerie and i left the room to catch my train home before i had an opportunity to see whether she changed into sweats or street clothes.

Was this girl incredibly vain, looking for a cheap alternative to Oprah’s Spanx? Or was this the CRAZIEST weight loss strategy i had ever seen?

I have been searching online and apparently the saran-wrap technique (which is solely about forcing water out of your system, not fat) is common among people who suffer from eating disorders. Professional body-builders apply hydrocortisone and saran-wrap to the their bodies for a couple of hours before a competition in order to maximize definition – but not to work out.

Now, i have done a LOT of crazy things to lose weight. I am a chronic dieter because i set a limit and starve myself if i go over. I love desserts too much to do be able to do away with them on a daily basis, but i do have enough willpower to suffer the deprivation for 5-10 lbs three or four times a year. Yes, i should work out more. I try. It’s expensive and time-consuming (and when faced with a choice between 5 hours of sleep and working out or 6.5 hours of sleep, i choose sleep. It’s an equally healthy choice).

My heart goes out to this young woman who feels the need to dehydrate herself in order to lose a couple of inches. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t permanent. It isn’t worth it.

I put on a considerable amount of weight over the vacation. Clothes are not fitting comfortably before anyone chooses to tell me that it’s the inside that counts or some other mumbo-jumbo. I am attempting to go to the gym to use the cross-trainer three times a week for half-an-hour and am doing my best not to eat desserts and fatty foods. We’ll see how long this lasts as i have only be successful once. I have to keep in mind there is such a thing as TOO much of a good thing – even determination.


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