Triumphal return


from a self-imposed ten-day hiatus from the blogosphere.

Triumph (noun): A public celebration in ancient Rome to welcome a returning victorious commander and his army.

Julius Caesar couldn’t run for consul and have a triumph. He opted for the latter.

I still have too much work to do, but it’s only problematic because i insist on doing the social things i couldn’t for so long. I will manage. My triumph is the completion of this ever-so bothersome degree. Now i just have to resign myself to the loss of the best friends i have ever had…thank the lord i am returning to the only girl i would actually want to try out lesbianism with…LOL.

Kraft dinner with swiss chesse and green peas sounds yummy, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Triumphal return

  1. A triumph is not an auto-celebration. You can’t do this alone.
    You should be throwing a party. Now THAT’s a public celebration!

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