Familiar ruts


Working at CIJR can be mind-numbing. I stuffed envelopes for just under six hours today. I have been stuffing envelopes in offices since i was three and my Dad first started bringing me into his office when he worked overtime on Sundays. It is getting a tad old, but i understand that it actually IS an important menial task – unlike hole-punching which i abhor. Sitting there all day always makes me want to write something here, but i should be devoting that energy to the many assignments that are due.
Hence, i provide you with two updates. The first in on my grandmother’s health (she’s been in the hospital, crying whenever my Dad tries to leave that she is scared and doesn’t want to die alone). She is likely going home tomorrow and my Dad is THRILLED. Secondly, i will commence a new countdown now that classes are over. See below for my crazy schedule and the deadlines it contains.

Tuesday April 17th: 10am – Thesis Supervisor Meeting; 2:45pm – 490 Exam Review; 5pm – Dinner with Eric.
Wednesday April 18th: 10am-4pm – Work at CIJR; 5pm – History & Public Policy Take-Home Final (12 pages ) Due. Must resubmit “Contribution Report” because the last one sucked as i was feverish. 4:15pm-10pm – Study for Medieval Europe Exam with Derek.
Thursday: Work on Thesis and Mark Essays
Friday April 20th: Work on Thesis and Mark Final Exams; 7pm Honours Thesis Due (12 pages + editing left to complete); Collapse in a heap.
Saturday: Read 3 unread works for 490 Exam; Outline Proust/Nabokov Paper; 9pm Party at Katerina’s
Sunday: Recover from Party; Study for Medieval History; Write introduction for Proust/Nabokov
Monday April 23: 9am – 490 Exam; 2pm – Medieval Europe Exam; Write Proust/Nabokov; Finish any marking not already completed and send to Professor.
Tuesday: Write Proust/Nabokov
Wednesday: 10am-4pm – Work at CIJR
Thursday April 26th: Nabokov/Proust Paper Due (25 pages)
Friday: 10am-4pm – Work at CIJR; go home and collapse in heap
Sunday: 7pm – Last Supper (woohoo!)
Monday April 30th: Recover from Last Supper
As of May 1st, i work full-time (9am-5pm) at CIJR.

Countdown: 51 pages!!!!


2 thoughts on “Familiar ruts

  1. My goodness! I can’t remember seeing such a loaded schedule like this since the IB years at Champlain!

    Nothing but words of encouragement to you, Heather. Though not too eloquent, the phrase “No pain, no gain” probably sums it up pretty well.

    I suggest either sleeping or partying on that free Saturday you have. Though, if I were you, I would probably opt for the latter.

    Good luck!

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