a week wasted


i haven’t written ANYTHING in a week. The combination of Easter, commemorative slumming around and then a high fever has resulted in my being no further ahead today than i was at this time one week ago. The deadlines are moving closer, not just because time is moving forward but because they are being moved up as my thesis supervisor leaves the country before the deadline for submission and i need him to be done correcting before he leaves in order for me to graduate. That and i stupidly said i would start working my summer job on Monday. I need cash. NOW. My throat hurts too much to eat anything substantial and i am afraid of hot beverages…hugs are welcome.
Countdown: 71 pages


4 thoughts on “a week wasted

  1. Here’s a hug.


    I will back that up for realzies when I see you.

    Oh, and when you asked me if I was happy was at a very appropriate time, and you did it with good intentions, and so you were allowed to.

  2. I would offer some words of encouragement from Rousseau, except Rousseau rarely offered an encouraging word. Of course, if I found some, it would cost you a Woolf outline.

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