I would like to take a minute to ponder junk email. Who sends them? Do they ever work? Why waste time and resources (even if minimally) on such an ineffective campaign? i am confused.

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One thought on “SPAM

  1. Because they steal other people’s bandwidth to send the email so it effectively costs them nothing. Almost every sale is profit. I think it was on the order of 1 email in 10 or 100 million needs to be responded to to make a profit. Obviously this depends on the price of whatever you’re scamming but I think this was the viagra spam.

    Anyway, what I find interesting is that if we charged 100th or 1000th of a cent (can’t remember which and possibly both) for each email sent, it would be utterly unprofitable to spam. People would protect their open relays (that some spammers steal bandwith from) and the spammers that pay for their own bandwidth would go out of business.

    But that’ll never work because email has been free for too long. So we’re stuck with filters.

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