i have found God


in a container of cashew butter. yum!

Got an A on my Name of the Rose paper even though it had a couple of typos and some awkward transitioning…woot!

The wireless is down at school. that is a pain in the ass.

My father has decided to continue with the insane guilt-tripping and he won this time – i am going to be attending Easter dinner at my aunt’s Saturday. I would prefer to spend the week-end moping, but whatever. He likely won about the summer job too as i would have to cancel the trip to the Baltic in order to work in Ottawa and since it’s already paid for that is not an option.

What do y’all think of permitting someone to harvest your eggs for in-vitro fertilization to pay for grad school? I need a plan.


One thought on “i have found God

  1. Hahahahahahaha. Good job on the paper…im sorry you have to go to easter dinner, i hope you get your stuff done…call me or have me calll you, ill be here and stuff. Happy CHocolate Egg day love.

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