I want to be thin…


It was one of those mornings when none of my clean clothes would fit.

You know you are taking full advantage of your student status when if you wear a skirt and make-up, everyone asks what class you are presenting in. I love being able to wear jogging pants to school.

I am way behind in my actual schoolwork as opposed to paper-writing. Haven’t done the Foucault readings for class this evening, nor have i edited the four essays i must for 12pm tomorrow. Grrr…

Countdown: 79 pages (re-calculated the total; completed Name of the Rose)


One thought on “I want to be thin…

  1. That’s one of the nice perks about being a programmer. No one expects you to dress up for work. While most people do actually go through with the whole business casual thing, you can show up in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals and since you’re a programmer no one will care.

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