best of intentions


I had intended solely to go out for a piece of celebratory cheesecake; time with Zach is too much fun to pass up. After sushi (which was excellent and cheap) we spent almost three hours chatting about both the philosophical and the libidinal at Pekarna over “brownie cake” which was exactly as advertised. i should know better than to expect to get work done when i go out with someone who likes to talk almost as much as i do. I got in at 11pm.

Zach has read some of Xenophon and Plato’s Laws. We put his reading of the Spartans against their depiction in Frank Miller’s 300 (which he hadn’t seen, but had read the graphic novel) and concluded that all things considered it was remarkably accurate for a Hollywood movie. I will definitely be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD. I love blood and gore almost as much as i love ancient history (and men). I spent every scene with Xerxes thinking of Boccaccio’s telling of his “fate” in the De casibus virorum illustrium – i am officially lost in this thesis.

I post an update on the countdown solely because i promised myself i would do so. However, i woke up at 4am to work instead of staying up late yesterday. I still have another three hours of work to do before getting in the shower and heading to school, and spent a good 40 minutes preparing a “guide for the easily-confused (a category which includes your friendly T.A.)” hand-out for students in my class on Kant. I figured this would be less time-consuming than doing the readings. Please cut me some slack.

Countdown at 4:30am: 90 pages (Updated at 8:30am: 84 pages)

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