Group work bites


I have a group project in History and Public Policy. It involves creating a website that will demonstrate our work to the rest of the class. Our presentation is tomorrow at 1:15pm. I, because of my experience as such, am the web editor for the project. None of my group members have deigned to send me any work yet. Clearly, i am supposed to stay up all night uploading their last minute work even though my own writing contribution was completed by Saturday.
I started by writing a snarky, stressing email. One of my groupmates responded asking me why i am stressing as the project doesn’t need to be complete but only partial…well, i have retaliated by setting up a firm deadline of 6pm after which i will not be accepting work to upload and sent instructions as to how they can do it themselves. A girl only gets into grad school once. I refuse to cancel celebratory plans. I refuse to fall even further behind in my writing than i already am because of others. I hereby declare myself responsible for my own work only. Like it or lump it.
Countdown: 91 pages.


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