I take a moment to reflect on the silver lining…
Yesterday i met with my thesis supervisor about the first ten pages of my draft and he was overwhelmingly positive about my argument and its articulation. More importantly, for the first time ever during this project, i felt like i was discussing the topic from the same playing field as him. I could respond to his points and wasn’t just nodding and taking notes. Furthermore, i submitted my nineteen page draft (with ten page appendix) for the class to review. A student i respect very much showed some appreciation for my introduction writing skills – i love writing introductions, so knowing you are relatively good at something you enjoy is always nice.
The bad news is that i have slept eight hours over the past two days and have eaten an orange and a handful of blanched almonds in the past eighteen hours. I am planning on going to Mother Hubbard’s (a by-donation, vegan dinner every Thursday at the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy) this evening before class in order to get some nutritious food.
Countdown Update: 104 pages


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