The countdown


Until the end of semester, all posts will include a tally of the number of pages i have yet to write. I hereby provide the breakdown:

Thesis (April 12): 10/40 completed (20/40 required for March 22); Research 80%
The Max Stern Art Restitution Project Case Study (March 28/April 16): 3/5; Research 100%
The Name of the Rose and Apostolic Poverty (March 27): 0/15; Research 90%
Levi-Strauss and Rousseau: An exegesis of “A Little Glass of Rum” in Tristes Tropiques (April 16): 0/25; Research 20%
History and Public Policy Take-Home Final (April 19): 0/12; Research n/a
Is Sleep Productive? Proust and Nabokov on slumber (April 2?): 0/30; Research 50%

Total: 114 pages

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