If i had but one wish


Pretty please, for the love of God and all things holy, OUTLINE YOUR ESSAYS PEOPLE! If you can’t follow a strict plan when writing your draft, that does not mean that you shouldn’t outline it afterwards to put all relevant points together. I am tired of reading papers that are more like my blog entries. In fact, my blog entries may be better structured.

Things i never thought would happen: i turned down a piece of cheesecake this evening. It would have been my second, but i wasn’t so full i would have been sick if i ate more. This is a step in the right direction. If only i had managed to stir up this kind of willpower yesterday in the face of all those bagels with cream cheese and lox. Yummm……smoked fish…

Our fat blonde cat is snoring.

I should be working on a paper or my thesis. Instead i have taken a nap, watched a movie, marked three essays (but not graded them) and done a preliminary run-through of one of my classmate’s thesis drafts. Lordie.

And could someone tell me why Boisclair was talking about immigrant enrollment in undergraduate programs? How is even broaching the subject not a sign of something awry? I’m going to vote tomorrow…


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