dreaming in techni-colour


So very busy.
Frantically trying to get it all done.
I was afraid in the autumn of letting people down by lowering my standards or backing out of obligations. i discover that biting of more than i can chew is as likely if not more so to infuriate the people i would like to call my friends (not to mention my family)…
i won’t even begin to complain about the time skipping forward…i am sure enough blog entries have done so already.

the only reason this post is getting written is because i desperately need your help, my readers. i do not have time to do an in-depth research on dream-states unless i am going to find something productive for this one of five papers i have due within the next four weeks – do you dream in colour? ever? always? sometimes? is it linked to subject matter? are certain features of your dream in colour and not others? do you think you dream in colour, but they are the colours of the real world, so you don’t even notice? when you say “you were in my dream last night…” to someone, do you know what colour clothes they were wearing? Please think about this and respond below. if i am one of the only people not to be conscious of dreaming in colour, (as i am one of the few people not able to imagine the colour purple when i close my eyes – i can now, but i couldn’t when i first did this) then this is a dead-end. thanks.


5 thoughts on “dreaming in techni-colour

  1. I don’t remember if I had ever dreamed in black & white. Mostly, it’s in colour. Normally, the subjects of those dreams are related to what happens in my life at that time, my fears, hopes and acts. And the colours seem to me to be the same as in reality, not some weird colour scheme assembled together (like, someone having a purple skin with polka-dotted green hair…never dreamed of it, or I can’t remember). Anyway, most of the time, my dreams are close to the reality.

  2. I think you’d all be surprised to find out how much what you think about your dreams you’ve constructed and does not match your actual experience.

  3. Well, in the dreams that I do remember, I recall that they’re all in color. The colours are usually what you would call “real world” colours. I don’t remember ever having a dream in black and white or in a single colour shade.

  4. i can’t remember how much colour their is. I always remember if i have dreamed and their have been red objects. Other times i forget everything.

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