Shut up…


“The McClellan stacks are a silent study area” – go downstairs to chat with your group member you doofus! It’s 10:30pm, do you think any of us are here for fun? there is plenty of space on nicer chairs on the first floor! Grrr…


2 thoughts on “Shut up…

  1. I have this problem is all over Concordia’s downtown library. You know there’s something wrong when people refuse to study in a library because it’s too noisy.

  2. Unfortunately, you should know there’s something wrong way before that. When the problem gets out of hand like that, it’s become another problem altogether.
    The essential problem is that people don’t understand how their actions affect others. Their lack of consideration leads to a second problem: tolerance. Tolerance is a reaction to an opinion that the tolerant agent does not share. Then, of course, without adequate policing, misbehaviour goes unpunished and continues to propagate. That is a third problem, and while it seems the most consequential, remember that the first problem caused several others that I elected not to discuss and that chaos theory popularly demonstrates that problems like that lead to the destruction of civilisation.

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