reneging on past promises


i know i said that i wouldn’t do this anymore, but i was dumb enough to get on a scale this morning and OMFG. I wasn’t going to attempt to lose any weight during the break because of the insane amount of work there is (i won’t bore you with a list), but no wonder my clothes have been tight. Damn my love for desserts.
I finished Lolita. The plan for today is to finish reading and noting the passages in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and correct half of the essays i have to get through. Hopefully i will manage. I know i should be working on my honours thesis, but i forgot my index cards with my notes at home as well as my Latin grammar guide – Tuesday i will start writing. Tomorrow i am going to re-outline and try and brainstorm some of the smaller points.
My Dad is cooking dinner tonight! Woohoo.


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