’til the break of dawn


my ticket read “9pm to the break of dawn.” It’s winter. We are far up North, but not so far that even in the summer does dawn break before 3am. I didn’t feel like leaving yet. Hence why i am at home blogging rather than sleeping. Got a second wind i guess.
Reading week has officially begun and i am almost done reading Lolita. The last fifty pages is dragging and i hope it picks up, but otherwise it has been fantastic – a great way to start the mountain of work.
The Masquerade Ball was not as big of an event as i had expected it to be. There were much fewer people and an astonishing number of LACers considering the proportions. We were our usual anti-social selves and ended up outside the main room sitting around a table – there were just too many couples dance to music that was too loud. We tried – and we paid to attend. Since it was for charity, i presume that is all that matters.


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