Yoga with Sarah yesterday was…intense. I am very, very poor at yoga. i think when i say that people actually believe i am being modest, but i am not. I am horrible at it, but i am also a masochist. Even masochistic-me, however, is wondering about the sense of doing THAT much stretching yesterday. I cannot really walk without being insanely aware of every muscle and tendon down the back of my legs. Today is going to be a day of random forward bends in an attempt to limber up, but i am not hopeful.
Thursday Bryan convinced me to go to Upstairs, the jazz bar on Mackay below Ste-Catherine, and it was AWESOME! There was a Latin-Jazz trio playing (i believe they were working under the name of the pianist, Joel Diaz) and i was just floored with the awesomeness of their second set – all for a meagre $3 cover. I also had a lot of fun staring at the aquarium behind the drummer. The fish would dart around to the beat. The tiramisu at Upstairs could be better, but the waiter was kind of cute. LOL.

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