5:45am and only one item off the list


The best air freshener ever: boil a cinnamon stick for fifteen minutes. There is no more need for scented candles. Thank you Ilya’s friend Sam for this brilliant suggestion. The smell of the beef curry in my garbage pail was making me ill.

I have just completed the most in-depth reading of a text of my lifetime. It took me 3 hours to read 21 pages of Rousseau. I have three full pages of notes linked to the passages I highlighted as important for the class. I will let you all know how far I get in the presentation of this material – which I have done my best to tie to contemporary institutions and events so those of my class who do not have any background in political theory can participate.

Rereading this, just after reading Tristes Tropiques, has inspired me to write my 490 term paper on Levi-Strauss’ appropriation of this discourse and his manipulation of it. Hopefully this earnestness is not a fleeting.

I have so much other work to do…why is it even success isn’t satisfying anymore? And why is it so cold outside? I want to go for a walk to clear my head, but getting dressed to brave the great outdoors will take too much time.

The plan for today is/was as follows:
2:45am: get up and work on to-do list (I went to bed at 9:30pm and set an alarm – no fretting, that’s five hours of dream-filled repose)
11:45am: class I TA
1:15pm: class I am bored in
2:45pm: meet with Prof. Carty re: the above notes to see if I missed anything
4:05pm: Yoga (WITHOUT my yoga clothes as I left them in Bryan’s car, but WITH my new yoga mat-bag which arrived in the mail from my aunt last Friday!)
5:15pm: Head over to McGill to download last night’s Prison Break episode while working on my to-do list.
9pm: Home to watch said episode
9:45-12am: Work on oral on Tristes Tropiques for tomorrow (if Prof. Russell approves of the email I must write him begging him to let me switch). It must be 15 minutes and no more than 4-5 pages long.

It will be a new day. Hopefully I will get some sleep – and write the essay which was, in theory, due today in my 1:15pm class, but which we all got a week extension on (thank god!).


5 thoughts on “5:45am and only one item off the list

  1. Clearly you are one of those people suited for graduate studies. I expect that one day I will see you at a conference, and you will be reading a boring paper and everyone will be pretending to listen but really thinking about their OWN boring papers, and then I will read a boring paper too and the whole thing will royally suck. A better bet is to get a hobby RIGHT NOW that has nothing to do with structuralist discourse.

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