Claude Levi-Strauss on Youth


p.105 of Tristes Tropiques (Last paragraph of the Sao Paolo chapter):
“those great historical upheavals, which, when one reads of them in textbooks, appear to be the outcome of anonymous forces working in profound obscurity, can also, in a moment of lucidity, be brought about by the vigorous determination of a handful of talented young people.”

I am not talented. Nevertheless, it’s nice to read some not jaded about the possibility of the individual having a place in effecting change. If it were not so kitch, i would turn this into my “signature” quotation on emails.

I love Claude Levi-Strauss, by the by.

One thought on “Claude Levi-Strauss on Youth

  1. “Divine providence is wisdom with infinite power, realizing its own ends, i.e., the absolute, rational end-goal of the world, while Reason is Thought, quite freely determining itself. … There is, indeed, a contradiction between this belief in providence and our principle. … That belief in a providence is indefinite in the same way: it does not advance to any definite conclusion, as applied to the totality of things and to the all-encompassing course of world history. To explain history, however, means to reveal the passions of human beings, their talents, their active powers.”
    G.W.F. Hegel

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