lack of concentration


i CANNOT concentrate on my schoolwork this week-end. My mind is elsewhere: TV show plots, past relationships, travel plans.
I printed out my results from last semester to send to Princeton, Yale and U of T. I printed out a lot of articles i need to hopefully read before tomorrow evening. I have cancelled my superbowl watching plans because there is too much work to do and i have been too distracted.
Last night i watched “Flyboys,” a rental, with my father. It would have been a much better movie did it not have such an unfortunate title and the historical inaccuracy of planes strafing in WWI. Ah well. My father spent the whole evening saying how much better and less expensive it was than taking me to see “Children of Men” Friday night. I prefered the Friday night movie, but then again i like to think even in the theatre. That isn’t snobby. It’s a fact. Mindless violence is fun too, but at different moments.


One thought on “lack of concentration

  1. Not the only distracted one around…

    I saw Children of Men with Lindsey last night… I liked it, he didn’t. He’s got all those bad plot and bad writing arguments that I just can’t fight against. Damn them authors.

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