frantic scrambling


My MSN messenger is on the fritz. Sort of like my ability to connect from the Liberal Arts College. Ah well. I have been a bitch lately…stress? PMS? My natural tendency? Likely much of both…none of which provide me with an excuse. I am sorry.

The to-do list is growing. Staying up until all hours of the morning is not helping me keep up. I need to get through theme-week-end and then cloister myself. If only I were actually as smart (or pretty) as Heloise. I could also use an Abelard. There is nothing like insurmountable intellectual workload to make you feel alienated. I love yoga. I didn’t used to, but these days, I do. Even if I did almost throw out my back last Tuesday. Let’s hope today goes better.

Tonight there is a lecture on Heidegger. I have not gotten home before 8pm once this week. Maybe that is why I am so tired. I should be working on my draft for my thesis – due right after the break. Ugh. I think I need to start skipping classes.


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