Substitutive Satisfactions


I may not be allowed to bake, but try and stop me from putzing around in the kitchen. After shoveling out 2, yes 2, parking spaces on the street (and realizing I am going to have to get up before 7am tomorrow to move the car so they can clean the street), I came home to leftover mac and cheese.
I’ve had four limes in my fridge since New Year’s – I was hopeful someone would bring tequila – and finally decided to do something with them. After cutting one up and putting it into my huge glass of Diet Coke (CAFFEINE!), I made lime-ade. It came out pretty well. May do it again. If only I could come up with something to do with those potatoes…
Somehow it is already 8pm. I don’t understand. I guess there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight. Damnation.
It is 3:50 am and I just exhausted every possible correspondent. I love writing letters with a pen and paper. I even wrote a “in case of the unforeseen” to my parents. It was a nice exercise. If I get hit by a car tomorrow, they will know I love them. Haha. I can cross the street without dread now.
I picked a Fate to work on for my honours thesis this evening – I am going to work on Nero. One item is check off the to-do list.
Thank God I do not have the internet right now. I can feel the temptation to spend the entire night on facebook.

Things you wouldn’t hear today: An American singing “See You in Cuba.” I am listening to Nat King Cole. This is a reminder to self to look up when this song was written.

Reading for HIST 381, I finally understand where the expression “when the blind lead the blind,” in Matthew 15:14 the sentence finishes “both will fall in the ditch.” I understood it before, but didn’t know where it came from. I wish I had a Bible here to look it up.b

One thought on “Substitutive Satisfactions

  1. hey. I am glad to see one of the many things on your to do list checked off…how exciting. I have gotten most of my homework done into week two and its only the beginning, something is bound to come up.
    anyways email me im bored

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